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Wow unreal what tactics js gold will use for advertising they have now created a new web site called goldandcoincincinnati this site is owned and operated by them aside from their own website to give people the impression this is a site reviewing all gold places when it isn't. All of the reviews on there for js gold are great and they are wrote by js gold. Try going to this site and writing a bad review and see if it shows up. It will not.

Then they claim the fox news story showed how they stacked up against other competitors. They were never checked out undercover like the other places. Fox just took their word that is what they pay for items, and of course they have a huge advertising contract with fox. The other stores did not know they were being filmed but js gold did. What is fair about that. If they went in there undercover I doubt they would have made half the offer they did on the items, because they do not pay best. The rare coin galleries in Hyde Park, Milford, and Florence pay more and so does American Gold Buyers, and American Trading Company. The way Jon Saylor stuttered through the interview should show you how little he really knows.

This is a shady place owned by a felon Jon Saylor convicted many times of fraud. He is opening stores all over town, because of all the money he has made paying people far less then their items were really worth. Don't be *** and give him your items too.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #713973

It's not that he doesn't know what he is talking about, it's the fact that he is a crack addict. Very sad.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #334591

Really pathetic when a store has to set up a web site and spend all that free time they have cause they have no customers writing reviews about themselves. JS Gold is one big bad joke.


I found this place offered average rates, but I did not sell there.The lady who was helping me was extremely rude.

Her name was Lisa. I suggest they find friendlier employees if they want to keep getting busy.

I will not recommend them due to her bad attitude.:upset


This place is not fun and not friendly like they claim to be.Cold, stuffy environment and the crew there seemed very, very wierd.

Agree with the previous poster they don't know what they are doing.I think they had so many bad reviews on legitimate sites like this that they created their own web site to write their own reviews to try and fool people.


It's true I tried to write a negative review for them, because they are really a place that just melts gold I found they had no experience in the true value of items.Not the place to take grandpa's coins or grandma's jewelry.

The negative review never showed up, so they are probably writing the good ones.

Can't imagine anyone being happy with this place.:zzz :zzz

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