JS Gold And Coin - Unprofessional and poor business pratice

Fairfield, Ohio 1 comment

Visited the store 30 mins after opening on a Saturday at 10:30 AM.The store had nothing in the display cases and I was told they were getting a late start.

I inquired about purchasing silver and was told to hold on and they would be with me in a minute, (I was the only customer in store). When they asked how much silver I wanted to buy their attitude changed and I was told JS Gold had no silver and "they" came and picked it all up yesterday. I was told the "store in Kenwood had silver eagles at $4.00 over spot" which I laughed at after questioning the fact that a place of business had no product for sale. Long and short this place pulls product when prices dip and will not sell.

Having been treated like a second class citizen I found what I was looking for at a different coin store and the took my $3000 dollars.Happy Stacking!!!

Review about: Silver Bullion.



With the wholesale cost of silver eagles and selling them to the public for $4.00 over spot.$3000 worth of silver coins probably made js gold $180-$200.

I would say you weren't worth their time.

Glad you found someone to buy from that didn't mind breaking even on a small amount of silver coins.

reputable company with reasonable prices.

In the Know about JS Gold and Coin

Cincinnati, Ohio 0 comments
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Info on the owner true public info

on Jon Saylor "JS Gold and coin"


We went there and were very displeased with the level of service so i decided to do a little digging int o the company and found the above article from 2000 about the owner of the company.

Do your research before dealing with a company rather than after and finding out you were taken for some $$$.

Here is the full article:

FAIRFIELD — Who is Jon Saylor? That was a question Fairfield City Councilman Jeff Holtegel asked a year ago, when Mr. Saylor was a little-known council wannabe. And it's a question still being posed today as a voter-fraud scandal pushes the enigmatic 27-year-old into a harsh spotlight.

“I've gotten the impression that he's a loner and kind of an oddball,” said Mr. Holtegel. “We really don't know much about him. ... He won't even give other council members his home phone number.”

In a 68-count indictment, Mr. Saylor is accused of creating sham voters and falsifying absentee ballots. About a dozen questionable ballots were cast in the November election he won by more than 100 votes, officials have said.

Mr. Saylor's allies see him as a political outsider under unfair attack by the established guard. But some in Fairfield think the allega tions of misconduct point to problems in the election system.

“I know in my heart — 100 percent — he didn't do it (commit voter fraud). That's because I've known Jon for three years,” said Jaimy Bidinger, 29, of Clifton. “Why would he do such a thing? He has no reason to.”

However, Fairfield Councilman Sterling Uhler commented: “Having been on council for 24 years, I'm kind of a student of governance, and there are two aspects of this situation that really bother me. I wish voters had been more educated about the candidates .. and I'm surprised that our election processes can be defrauded so easily by an amateur.”

Bob Mosketti, Butler County Board of Elections director, said his office's probe of Mr. Saylor prompted him to ask the Ohio Association of Election Officials to consider tightening election laws. One possible solution: requiring photo IDs for registration and/or voting, which has been tried in some U.S. states, he said.

After Butler County Sheriff's deputies had spent nearly three days on a highly publicized search for him after his indictment, Richard K. Jones, chief deputy, said Mr. Saylor told him: “I didn't know you were looking for me.”

“He makes a mockery out of it. He thinks it's humorous. .. It was like he was in another land somewhere,” Col. Jones said. “I think he's a ding-dong.”

The 6-foot-1, 180-pound man “stuck out his chest” when he was led from the county jail and news crews gathered around, Col. Jones said. “It seemed to me he liked having his picture taken. He liked the attention.”

Mr. Saylor's bond was originally set at $150,000, but was reduced to $50,000, leading to his release Tuesday. His trial is set for Sept. 25.

Mr. Saylor and his parents have repeatedly declined to

comment, on advice of Peter Swenty, a Cincinnati lawyer and prominent Mount Adams Democrat who has handled a number of Hamilton County Board of Elections cases. Mr. Swenty did not return a call seeking comment.

When Mr. Saylor announced his council candidacy in this upper-middle-class city of about 45,000 last year, he seemed to come from nowhere. But this political unknown launched a vigorous campaign under a slogan that now seems ironic: “A Dream that Works for Fairfield.”

Signs bearing Mr. Saylor's name sprouted like dandelions, and in November he defeated First Ward council opponent Michael D. Snyder by a 10-percent margin.

Mr. Snyder, 55, calls the alleged vote-fraud “abhorrent, repellent, repugnant, vile ... you sort of run out of adjectives.”

On top of the indictment, Mr. Saylor faces a June 8 Ohio Elections Commission hearing. It will address Mr. Snyder's claims that Mr. Saylor's campaign materials misrepresented his college degree, his political supporters, business affiliation and community activities.

“Virtually everything was totally false, or right on the edge,” Mr. Snyder said. “We are dealing with a rogue politician who has absolutely no idea of the gravity of the process he has defiled, and I think we will find out that he intentionally corrupted and defiled it.”

Brian McEntire, who describes himself as Mr. Saylor's best friend, says the allegations don't mesh with his image of the brown-haired, hazel-eyed man he has known since grade school.

“I just can't imagine that Jon would jeopardize his entire future on trying to fix an election. He's an intelligent man. He's an educated man,” he said. “I can't imagine he would've taken that kind of risk.”

Mr. Saylor is a 1991 graduate of Fairfield High School. In 1994, he received an associate's degree in general studies from the University of Cincinnati (his campaign literature claimed it was in criminal justice). He also took more courses at Miami University, and used to run several food-vending carts in downtown Cincinnati.

Mr. McEntire, who said he owns Riddle Road Market in Clifton, said Mr. Saylor occasionally works there. Mr. Saylor asked to have his City Council mail sent to an apartment across the street from the market. Council refused.

Mr. Saylor and Cynthia McCloud, 42, are parents of a 2-year-old girl. Ms. McCloud, who also faces three voter-fraud charges, was released from jail Thursday.

They have listed several addresses of residence, including his parents' on Barkley Court in Fairfield. Mr. Mosketti, the elections director, said it's hard to tell whether Mr. Saylor was legitimately residing in the First Ward when he was elected to represent the area.

Being involved in politics, Mr. McEntire said, is something Mr. Saylor has said he wanted to do since they were teens; Mr. Saylor has said his ultimate goal was to become a U.S. Senator.

Kassie Kanigoski, 27, of Mount Adams, remembers Mr. Saylor expressing even higher aspirations.

“In ninth grade, he was talking about being the President of the United States,” she said. “And I laughed at him. He was kind of a geek.”

Ms. Kanigoski said she and Mr. Saylor have maintained their friendship. She minimizes the voter-fraud scandal: “Yes, he did something wrong. But it wasn't like he murdered anyone ... I think people went out of their way to run him out (of politics).”

Another ex-classmate, Doug Lee, describes Mr. Saylor as the class clown who “didn't take anything that seriously.” That's why Mr. Lee said he and other former classmates were shocked when they heard Mr. Saylor was seeking political office.

Johnny Mac Brown, leader of a group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Fairfield, said the citizens stand ready to mount a recall election against Mr. Saylor. The process cannot begin until July 1, after Mr. Saylor has served six months on council.

“Jon Saylor sold everyone on the image that he was a young genius, running several businesses simultaneously, living in three different places — and it was all bunk,” said Mr. Brown, whose group collected more than 450 signatures seeking Mr. Saylor's resignation.

“Now we have to ask: How did this happen? How did we let our guard down to the point where someone can do this? And why hasn't someone done something to correct it?”

Enquirer reporter David Eck contributed to this story.


Reston, Virginia 1 comment
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What a shady scammy place.They have set up several web sites under their name and other names such as goldandcoincincinnati and posted nothing but good reviews about themselves.

Check it out no bad or neutral reviews on these sites cause they are owned by shady js gold. There will be 50 reviews in one day then none for a month on these sites. You need to look at the reviews on reliable sites like this one and yahoo. This place is a scam place.

They know nothing about coins, diamonds, or what is valuable they are looking to melt something for a quick buck.

Take your items to a long standing jeweler, real coin store, or antique dealer don't lose out on hundred or thousands of dollars.You will lose money if you go to js gold.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #384257

JS gold never tells what they pay per gram or dwt over the phone. They give a bunch of bs stories that only an *** would fall for. Never trust a place like this that will not tell you their price per gram over the phone.

JS Gold and Coin is a Bad Joke

Cincinnati, Ohio 8 comments
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This company is constantly advertising they are "experts" that pay the highest price in town..Well I went there with some very valuable items and I can assure everyone in the community they are nothing but incompetent thiefs at best.

The Kenwood store where I went was staffed with people who would be more at home at a carnival than a coin shop. I was told my gold coins were "fake" and worth $2,100 and my jewelry worth $600.

I ended up selling at a reputable business across town for $12,305.00 and 945.00 respectively.Go here if you want to be treated bad and scammed!!!

Review about: Coins And Jewelry.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #373977

Agreed Hyde Park Rare Coin is a reputable place take your valuables to reputable dealers not these places that have popped up in the past five years since gold has gone up in price these people do not know the true value of your items only the melt value. Don't lose thousands of dollars by going to places like js gold.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #358682

I conpared the two JS Gold and Hyde Park both pay spot on the Silver American Eagles, but on the gold JS actually pays below spot and Hyde Park pays above. Tom below must have went in there when the market was fluctuating so much, because JS Gold "does not" pay above spot on gold coins they pay below.


Hmmm...My experience was okay.

I'm a little surprised at the plethora of negative comments. I follow the gold and silver market pretty closely. On the day I sold my silver rounds and gold coins, I was found the price almost exactly what the spot was on silver, the ask was on gold eagles (in fact, I did about $50 better on each gold eagle). As for jewelry, I cannot comment.

Didn't sell any.. But thinking about selling some more rounds.

Silver is done for for a while, it appears (technically), but gold might still have some umphhh..Good luck to all.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #341887

They make money by not paying what they say and cheating people every chance they get. They must be pretty good at it to for them to open four stores so quickly. A lot of grandmas robbed of their jewels by JS.


I just wonder How JS Gold and Blah Blah makes any money? I mean come on, They spend millions of dollars on advetising and their overhead is through the roof, plus paying 95%, sounds a little fishy and maybe some uneasy investors to come.


Wow. So if you read Junior's comment he is admitting that the only reason he got paid a fair amount was because he knew someone who worked there. If the offer tripled because of that, they MUST be ripping everyone else off.


Well I went in there with a little bit of *** and ran into an old high school buddy.My junk only came to a little over $200 when he weighed it out, but he wrote the check for over $600.

Said he had really moved up since coming thre and was giving me a nice bonus.Thanks js gold I would come back anytiem for service like that.


I can understand why this guy was offered pennies to the dollar on his or her valuables.I went into JS Gold with some items to sell.

The lady waiting on me was my former hairdresser. She said they will hire anyone that you do not need any experience and that she was put out in the store buying items unsupervised her first day there, and she had no prior experience.

I took my items and left, and I pity anyone who sold to this place.I think the staff there might be people the circus rejected.

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JS Gold And Coin - Www.goldandcoincincinnati.com misleading

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Wow unreal what tactics js gold will use for advertising they have now created a new web site called goldandcoincincinnati this site is owned and operated by them aside from their own website to give people the impression this is a site reviewing all gold places when it isn't. All of the reviews on there for js gold are great and they are wrote by js gold. Try going to this site and writing a bad review and see if it shows up. It will not.

Then they claim the fox news story showed how they stacked up against other competitors. They were never checked out undercover like the other places. Fox just took their word that is what they pay for items, and of course they have a huge advertising contract with fox. The other stores did not know they were being filmed but js gold did. What is fair about that. If they went in there undercover I doubt they would have made half the offer they did on the items, because they do not pay best. The rare coin galleries in Hyde Park, Milford, and Florence pay more and so does American Gold Buyers, and American Trading Company. The way Jon Saylor stuttered through the interview should show you how little he really knows.

This is a shady place owned by a felon Jon Saylor convicted many times of fraud. He is opening stores all over town, because of all the money he has made paying people far less then their items were really worth. Don't be *** and give him your items too.

Review about: Advertising.


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #713973

It's not that he doesn't know what he is talking about, it's the fact that he is a crack addict. Very sad.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #334591

Really pathetic when a store has to set up a web site and spend all that free time they have cause they have no customers writing reviews about themselves. JS Gold is one big bad joke.


I found this place offered average rates, but I did not sell there.The lady who was helping me was extremely rude.

Her name was Lisa. I suggest they find friendlier employees if they want to keep getting busy.

I will not recommend them due to her bad attitude.:upset


This place is not fun and not friendly like they claim to be.Cold, stuffy environment and the crew there seemed very, very wierd.

Agree with the previous poster they don't know what they are doing.I think they had so many bad reviews on legitimate sites like this that they created their own web site to write their own reviews to try and fool people.


It's true I tried to write a negative review for them, because they are really a place that just melts gold I found they had no experience in the true value of items.Not the place to take grandpa's coins or grandma's jewelry.

The negative review never showed up, so they are probably writing the good ones.

Can't imagine anyone being happy with this place.:zzz :zzz

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JS Gold And Coin - Not my experience at JS they were awesome!

Cincinnati, Ohio 3 comments
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I took my jewelry to JS Coin in Westchester and received much much more money than anyone else in town, they were professional and courteous,and told me the truth about what I had where other dealers tried to rip me off.Honesty and Integrity is what I found there; perhaps you are the problem..

not them I have been back several times and sent friends and family!! You Rock!! JS Coin --- I hope everyone that reads this shops around before giving away their gold because I did...and I wish I had not wasted all that time and gas.

They paid the BEST!!and were super nice!!!

Review about: Jewelry Services.



JS was good to me.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #358685

This is the owner of JS Gold:

Jon Saylor, a 1999 Fairfield, Ohio city council candidate, pleaded guilty to 58 counts of voter fraud. He was elected after creating sham voters and falsifying absentee ballots.

If he did this to the system our country is founded on imagine what he will do to you when you go in to sell him your valubles and give him your personal information.




JS Gold and Coin Lowest Prices Paid

Reston, Virginia 5 comments
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I went to JS Gold and Coin expecting to receive resaonable offers on my jewelry and coins.What I discovered was a store full of people with little or no knowledge on jewelry or coins.

Out of three stores I tried in the area they offered the lowest and also had the employees with the least amount of knowledge. The lady on their commercials who I think is the manager of the store was extremely rude.

She was the short, heavy woman with long dark hair.I can not think of one single reason to tell anyone to waste their time going to JS Gold in Kenwood, West Chester, or Florence.

Review about: Coins And Jewelry.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #384256

It sounds like Kelly below is the person who does not know what they are doing.I use to own a jewelry store and took some old stock to this place and several others.

I know what gold and silver is worth and what is real and what is not I spent 35 years in the business and these people do not have a clue about jewelry and their prices were way lower then nearly everyone else.Kelly you need to get a clue JS Gold ripped you off.



I went to JSGOLD and they really knew their stuff i had tons of coins and gold jewelry

-I went everywhere they had the best customer service hands down

it sounds like either you didnt have real gold or your just one of their competitors

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #351975

Place quoted lowest of three places I went to.Don't waste your time going there.

Workers are extremely slow too.

Other stores seperated and tested items in a third of the time.Don't think they really know what they are doing.


Giving away a few reds tickets to kids you can write off on your taxes doesn't excuse how you have robbed people in this town.Think about it people could they open four stores in a year if they weren't getting rich on the backs of poor people who are desperate selling grandmas jewelry for pennies of what it is really worth to these clowns to get money for gas and food.

This place discusts me.

Plus they probaly get the tickets they give away free for advertising with the reds.I love the reds but they aren't having a great season lots of empty seats so i would imagine they just give them to advertisers.

Jürgen Silling

Hallo USA !

Here is Sweden.

Do you have gold below 18 karat ?? 750/%

Why ??

Best regard to you .


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JS Gold And Coin - JS Gold Does Not Pay What They Say

Westland, Michigan 32 comments
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JS Gold had an article in the online Cincinnati Enquirer saying they paid 85% to 95% of the price of gold.I have copies of this article.

I went there to sell items which were really nice 2 diamond rings and a gold rope chain, all undamaged items expecting they should bring 95% only to discover they don't even pay close to 85% on anything. They offered around 60%. They want to take your items you bought from the jewelry stores and make 38% on them, because the refinery only charges them around 2%. How greedy can you get.

I tried calling before I went there to get prices, but they gave me some ricidulous story about they can't quote because of plumb law, which is that some gold can be only 13.5K instead of 14K. Well I talked to three other stores and they told me there is no test that a store can do to determine if an item is 13.5k or 14k and that this is just a scam by JS. They said they all pay for it as 14K. I should have listened and never went there, but since it was an article by the enquirer I thought it to be true.

I also really did not feel safe there. The store is very open and everyone could see what the other customers had and what they were getting paid. No privacy at all.

Thanks for wasting my time js gold.

Review about: Gold Jewelry And Coins.


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #714833

some gold can be far less than 14k. Do some more research! The store you bought those items from is far more likely to be the one full of mullarkey.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #637486

I went to J&S in Fairfield to sell them a 1979 wide rim Susan B Anthony Dollar On Sat. April 13th, 20`3. The fist sales associate looked at it and said he would pay its face value - one buck. I told him it was a "wide rim" type and had told about six others in the last month for 10-12 bucks depending on their condition to another coin shop.The main coin buyer named "Bob" heard me and came forward. He would not but it but he said "I have a hundred in the back and will sell to you all you want for ELEVEN bucks!

He then in a very angry and bellicose said "What is your name/" and I told him "***" - which he proceeded to write down.

He then asked me in a mad tone and rude voice "What is your last name?" I told him I would contact the Better business Bureau, which I did.

My wife was not with me in the store as she was at the doctor's office that morning, but when we drove home I stopped at a coin shop in Sharonville and the owner let my wife have a used $9.95 ring for the very same Susan B Anthony Dollar !

Is this strange or not? The first sales associate I talked with had no idea that there are 3 diffrent Susan b Anthony Dollar coin types, made in 1979 and 1981, that are worth much more than a buck due to there not being many of them made!

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #587499

I wonder if your quote depends on the employee that is serving you.I went to J & S with a coin collection and was told immediately that they pay 80% of the value.

The employee seemed very knowledgeable and paid us more than I thought they were worth.

I was pleasantly surprised by my visit there.I have more items to take, but may shop around for curiosity sake.


I also took my gold and silver to J&S.I was offered a price.

I decided to think about it for a day.Went back the next day only to be told the quote they gave me was wrong (new people who didn't know what they were doing) and offered $350.00 less even though I had the quote from the day before!


I actually asked the chief coin appraiser at J&S if they actually OUTBID ANY COMPETITOR on coins as they advertise and he said NO.

There are times J&S will nOT outbid on prices another local dealer will give a customer.


they do OUT BID ANY COMPETITOR on coins

to will Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #637488

They do NOT outbid any competitor - see my April 14th post on my tring to sell to them a 1979 "wide rim" Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin!

to br***cpps Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #726818

That Susan B.Anthony coin is not rare and is way over priced in the price book.

You can still find them by going to the bank and buying rolling and pulling them out.

They will pay good for nice Rare coins especially in high grade.If you found people to buy them at $10-$12, you should keep finding them and selling them to the people buying them.


gold jewerly is for a lot of people the worst investment, as you must know when you purchase a jewerly, you are getting an alloy of different metals (ingredients) to create that item. metals like copper, niquel and zinc.

if you are going to paid for something stamp it as a 14k, you must ask for the fire essay test warranty, that is the only one 100% acurate that probes you if they are giving you the 58.3% of gold in that item.

but if you know this them why are you buying this and expecting to get a lot of money.

your are paying as a accesory/luxury and later you are getting some money as a scrap for just the porcentage of gold in it 1/4 of the initial price, DUMB HA??

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #373980

This place will not give you a quote over the phone.That is the biggest sign of dishonesty in a store.

Any store that is honest and has nothing to hide will tell you what they pay per gram of gold, ounce of silver, etc..

right over the phone.Do not go to js gold or any place who will not tell you prices on the phone you will be ripped off for sure.


I had some unmarked gold items that they told me were not real.I took them to another store that tested and bought them.

JS Gold also refused to pay for my diamonds but the competition also paid for those.

Very unprofessional go to a place that knows what they are doing JS Gold is a bunch of misfits with no experience in the metals, coins, and gemstone buying industry.It is a fly by night get rich robbing people of their gold place.


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #351971

To the person who thinks they got more just because they took out their gemstones you aren't to bright. JS Gold just *** for gemstones as another way of cheating people. They take the diamonds and resell them everyone of them no matter how small and you should get paid for them, and if you go to Hyde Park Rare Coin you don't have to take your gemstones out unless they are huge they aren't petty and greedy like JS Gold and don't count off for them and they pay for your diamonds.


I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I'll love to read your next post too.


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I had a great experience at JS.If you take the gems out of the jewelry then you get paid for the gold only.

I had a bunch of old stuff and broken stuff.

Sold it for a good amount of money, enough to complete my cabinets.Good job to the Mall Rd JS store.


if i told you what they did to my girlfriend id be sued because they gave her no info but a check i will not be going back and would urge otthers not to either


To GTunsel, your slam about "Common Cents" have you ever been there, do you know the owner.I do, he and his family are wonderful, faithful christians.

The work they do for the public, the caring way they live their life is a reflection on how they run their buiss.Please do not bunch companies you do not really know in to one group.


I too went to JS gold and silver with a platinum diamond and sapphire ring.Also had an 18k gold diamond and sapphire ring.

They quoted me only 300. for both. I then took to a company off reed hartman highway that said they buy the diamonds along with the gold. They offered me $60 for the 18k and 140.

for the platinum ring. I then took to Cleveland jewelery store in bellview and he offered me $360 and $120 respectively. I ended up selling a bunch of old silver broken earrings and necklaces and got $187.

channel 9 did a story on the belleview store and they had a line out the door.True jewelers also and very very nice owner.


I took my gold to eddie lanes.i have shopped with them in the past and didn't even know they bought gold.

i saw a sign that said buying diamonds gold silver and platinum. i guess everyone is on the band wagon. dont know if i got a good price just gave it to the employee and asked what it was worth.

she said $210.00 that was good enough for me.maybe i should of check around but i'm lazy and they have been around for a long time.


This article is correct.JS did promise to pay between 85% to 95% on gold.

I would assume as this person did that since it is all getting scraped anyway they should pay the 95% to anyone smart enough to ask for it at $1450 an ounce that would be $26 a gram for 14K. The price for 10K would be 18.53 per gram. Make sure their scale is on grams if you go there. Personally I went there and didn't like their quote so I went to American Gold Buyers and I was offered more there.

I also don't believe the post below is wrote by a customer. Who would drive to 8 different stores?

The post was obviously wrote by the business, and since they are watching their reviews I am asking them to respond.Are you going to pay 95% as you promised to your customers on their gold?


I can't believe it!I took 3 rope chains, 9 gold earrings, a class ring and a sterling silver tea set to alot of places...

JS Gold and Coin, Boyle Jewelers, Hyde Park Rare Coin, Coins +, Common Cents, Hugs Jewelers, Main Street Coin, Gold and Diamonds and American Trading. JS offered me so much more than everyone else. I sold them eveything but the tea set. It was my grandmothers and I'm not sure I want to part with it yet.

I am soooo happy with them.I will be back.


Based on everything I am reading it would appear that these are all written by the same group of people.Not many consumers are actually going to write on this website.

This is a good place for competitors to write nasty things about each other. Yet another attempt by Main Street Coin and Cincinnati Rare Coin galleries to try to deceive the public by writing false/negative comments on a free website.

They seem to focus on everything thing except what what matters the most...business. Business to business they get slammed daily with the truth.

The truth is they cannot compete with JS Gold & Coin.This is why they spend so much time writing their own reviews...that is why they spend so much time writing JS Gold & Coin's reviews...You are right, they did spell two-bit wrong...LMAO...I think I can word it better, I think they meant "*** Hole"...Cincinnati Rare Coin Galleries/Main Street Coin/Common Cents...these are "*** holes"...LMAO


what is "tu-bid"?It is in comment #2 the one that js gold wrote, because I have been in js gold and agree with everyone else this place is a waste of time.

They have stores in Florence, West Chester, Kenwood, and Beechmont.Make sure if js gold is the name you don't waste your time there I think the phrase "tu-bid" shows how smart they are LMAO.


JS GOLD is full of novice gold scappers with no expertise in jewelry, diamonds, or coins.They are a sleezy gold buying place with stores popping up everywhere, because they have ripped so many people off they can afford to keep opening them on the backs of the poor.

I have been to the rare coin galleries mentioned in the last posting and was very impressed by the professionals I encountered. JS Gold will never be of the same caliber as the other coin stores.

Only go there if you are looking to give away your gold to help them open more stores and take over your tv with dozens of tacky commercials.It doesn't matter how much gold you take from the poor JS you may get rich but you will never have any class.


There are 4 guys with empty stores in the tri-state and they are all partners.These comments are written by the same guys at the tu-bid coin stores around Cincinnati that have been robbing everyone for years now.

Until of course JS Gold & Coin came into the picture. JS GOLD & COIN beats the so called "rare coin galleries" prices with ease.

I bet you guys are pretty scared...I would be too.JS Gold & Coin exposes your prices for what they are...LOOOOOOW!


I had such a terrible experience there I did some digging about them.I found many complaints about them on many other sites about how they conduct their business.

So I decided to dig deeper.

Not only did I find out they aren't even licensed to do what they do but I saw on another site that their owner is a felon and it had a link to the newspaper article about him.Please save yourself time and a terrible experience and go to one of the other places that are honest!!


I went to their store in Florence when it first opened.Can't believe they call that a coin store.

Woman working there knew nothing about coins. What a joke. Wouldn't even rate them as amateurs in coins.

I didn't have hours to waste while the woman tried to look up my coins one by one in a book.What a hoax.

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